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Pathfinding 1: Map Representation and Preprocessing

This was originally intended to be a single post on pathfinding, but it got too long, and so I am splitting it up into three or four smaller pieces. Today,we’re going to look at the data structures that we will use to represent the nodes of our pathfinding graph, and generating that graph from our terrain class.

When we were working on our quadtree to de...

OutOfMemoryException - Eliminating Temporary Allocations with Static Buffers in Effect Wrapper Code

I came across an interesting bug in the wrapper classes for my HLSL shader effects today. In preparation for creating a class to represent a game unit, for the purposes of demonstrating the terrain pathfinding code that I finished up last night, I had been refactoring my BasicModel and SkinnedModel classes to inherit from a common abstract base class, a...

Refactoring Rendering Code out of the Terrain Class

Howdy, time for an update. I’ve mostly gotten my terrain pathfinding code first cut completed; I’m creating the navigation graph, and I’ve got an implementation of A* finished that allows me to create a list of terrain nodes that represents the path between tile A and tile B. I’m going to hold off a bit on presenting all of that, since I haven’t yet manag...

Terrain Tile Picking in 3D

Typically, in a strategy game, in addition to the triangle mesh that we use to draw the terrain, there is an underlying logical representation, usually dividing the terrain into rectangular or hexagonal tiles. This grid is generally what is used to order units around, construct buildings, select targets and so forth. To do all this, we need to be able t...