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Textured Hills Demo

C# SlimDX DirectX 11 Terrain Texturing
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This time around, we are going to revisit our old friend, the Waves Demo, and add textures to the land and water meshes. We will also be taking advantage of the gTexTransform matrix of our Basic.fx shader to tile our land texture multiple times across our mesh, to achieve more detail, and use tiling and translations on on our water mesh texture to create a simple but very visually appealing animation for our waves. This demo corresponds to the TexturedHillsAndWaves demo from Chapter 8 of Frank Luna’s Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 11.0. You can download the full source for this example from my GitHub repository at https://github.com/ericrrichards/dx11.git.
Here is a still of our finished project this time:
Posted Image
I’m also going to try to upload a video of this demo in action, as the static screenshot doesn’t quite do justice:


Aug 06 2013 07:21 AM

Eh, what type of game is this for?

Aug 06 2013 07:38 AM

I'm currently just working through Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 11.0, learning Direct3D 11 and porting the examples to SlimDX and C#.  So this is more of a tutorial series at the moment.  


Eventually, I have plans to work on a medieval/fantasy strategy game, although you could potentially use this for a wide variety of types of games.  RTS, outdoor FPS/RPG, city-builder, etc; it's pretty general.


In a couple weeks, most likely, I'll get to a more sophisticated terrain example, using heightmaps and texture splatting.

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