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The Wood under the Moon

4: Adsense

End of Week of Awesome

Download link to the game is here .

I will do a post-mortem when I have the energy for it.

End of Day 4 (Week of Awesome)

Lots and lots of screenshots this time.

The screenshots actually give a fairly good idea of what was implemented today. Things that got done today:
aircraft model
addition of a throttle control
AI players shooting back
terrain assets, including a volcano that emits clouds of ash
when an aircraft crashes into terrain, the terrain "catches fire...

End of Day 3 (Week of Awesome)

The game is ALMOST playable, for a certain definition of "playable." Not much in the way of screenshots today, however. In order: improved water splashes, pursuing a fleeing AI-controlled craft, and rocket exhaust.

Today was another day with not much new visually-speaking. Most of what I did get done was audio or AI related, though there were a few p...

End of Day 2 (Week of Awesome)

Firstly, screenshots:

Today I made progress without really feeling like I made progress. Among other things, today I implemented:
barrel rolls
engines (propellers, rocket booster)
a Gatling gun, which pivots to follow the player's targetting reticule
paratrooper deployment
goal locations + indicators
ships and other entities having health,...

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!" (Week of Awesome)

Here's the last screenshot of the day.

The title of this article largely refers to myself attempting to use GIMP to throw together the UI art that you see in the above screenshot. I'm not primarily an artist, so I don't know my tools as well as I perhaps should. I spent quite some time throwing those things toge...

On the Subject of Gameplay (Week of Awesome)

Have another screenshot. Woohoo, flying cube.


So this is going to be an arcade-y flight sim in a similar vein to Star Fox or X-Wing: Rogue Squadron.The backstory here is that sentient dinosaurs have developed a technological civilization just in time to address the "asteroid problem" which caused the K-Pg exti...

First Screenshot (Week of Awesome)

First screenshot. Not much to this yet, just some water, fog, and a skybox.

"There are more things in heaven and Earth..." (Week of Awesome)

First thought on the theme: the dinosaurs died out because they didn't have a space program. Suppose we gave them one, armed to the teeth to save themselves from their impending destruction?

The best in this kind are but shadows


With the "Week of Awesome" coming up, and given that I'm likely to use the Unity game engine for my entry, I thought I'd write my first-ever journal post about a little pattern I've found useful in a larger project (which also uses Unity) that I've been working on over the last few months. I'm reluctant to give details on this larger proje...