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The Wood under the Moon

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!" (Week of Awesome)

Posted by , 19 August 2013 - - - - - - · 718 views

Here's the last screenshot of the day.
Posted Image

The title of this article largely refers to myself attempting to use GIMP to throw together the UI art that you see in the above screenshot. I'm not primarily an artist, so I don't know my tools as well as I perhaps should. I spent quite some time throwing those things together. I eventually hit upon a very silly technique involving a lot of layer masking and GIMP's gradient generator which worked, but was difficult to control. I like the result, and now that I know how to do it I may use that technique again for later UI work, but only if I absolutely have to.

I'm sufficiently tired that I'm calling it and going to bed.

At this point, the player can control his "ship" (which currently is just a white cube) by pitching and yawing around. I think to simplify things I'm not going to add explicit roll control - when the player yaws, the ship will bank a little, too, just like in the games that inspired this one. I may also add barrel rolls if I have time, if only so that I can yell "DO A BARREL ROLL!" at my roommates if they do any playtesting for me. In terms of environments, the game shows water, two cloud layers, a lens flare representing the sun, and a skybox. The two displays at the bottom of the screen are an attitude display and a radar display, both of which I'm quite happy with in terms of polish. I might add an altimeter at some point, but since it isn't super-useful to the gameplay I have in mind (which is largely fly to specific points shooting at anything that gets near you), I may delay that in favour of more important things, like the weapons implementation and island terrain. I tried to work on music, but had no real inspiration tonight. I might do sound effects before music.

I plugged a game controller in on a whim and found the default control scheme Unity gave me to be rather intuitive. When all this is done, I might develop this into a split-screen console-like game. Maybe I'll get an Ouya to play with and see if I can get this running on there.

On the Subject of Gameplay (Week of Awesome)

Posted by , 19 August 2013 - - - - - - · 643 views

Have another screenshot. Woohoo, flying cube.

Posted Image

So this is going to be an arcade-y flight sim in a similar vein to Star Fox or X-Wing: Rogue Squadron.The backstory here is that sentient dinosaurs have developed a technological civilization just in time to address the "asteroid problem" which caused the K-Pg extinction event. Your particular faction of sentient dinosaurs (have yet to decide on a name for their race) is building a rocket-ship to redirect/destroy the asteroid before it hits Earth, but a rival faction has stolen the parts of it and scattered them on various tropical islands. You have to take some commandos to the islands aboard your steampunk robot pterosaur (yeah....) and drop them off so that the parts can be retrieved and the rocket built. Along the way, you'll have to defend yourself against enemy fighters, of course, which is what the gameplay will mostly be about.

I guess I'm reinterpreting the theme to be, "What if the dinosaurs never went extinct because they had a space program?"

First Screenshot (Week of Awesome)

Posted by , 19 August 2013 - - - - - - · 468 views

First screenshot. Not much to this yet, just some water, fog, and a skybox.
Posted Image

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