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End of Day 2 (Week of Awesome)

4: Adsense

Firstly, screenshots:

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Today I made progress without really feeling like I made progress. Among other things, today I implemented:
  • barrel rolls
  • banking
  • engines (propellers, rocket booster)
  • a Gatling gun, which pivots to follow the player's targetting reticule
  • paratrooper deployment
  • goal locations + indicators
  • ships and other entities having health, which dwindles when hit by gun bullets
  • collision detection between water and other things and other things and bullets
  • water splashes and explosions
I think the chief reason I feel like I didn't achieve much is because of what I tried to start and failed, namely putting together the player's "pteroplane" and starting on the music/sound foley, both of which I had meant to do today. In both cases, I ended up opening the relevant editor and finding that I'd run out of creative steam and couldn't continue. Furthermore, my continued lack of inspiration on music is frustrating, but the pteroplane modelling and sound foley are the real priorities, so I'm not terrifically worried. I think I could probably do without music if I really, really had to.

I also had a fun idea for a "bonus level", but I doubt I'll get around to implementing it before the end of the contest.

Tomorrow I'll start with some sound foley to ease my mind on the subject. Thereafter I'll probably continue on to adding terrain features and maybe get started on the AI if I'm not feeling "artsy" enough to start on the player's aircraft.

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