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End of Day 3 (Week of Awesome)

4: Adsense

The game is ALMOST playable, for a certain definition of "playable." Not much in the way of screenshots today, however. In order: improved water splashes, pursuing a fleeing AI-controlled craft, and rocket exhaust.
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Today was another day with not much new visually-speaking. Most of what I did get done was audio or AI related, though there were a few particle effects tweaked and I added some new controls and simulated behaviours. What was done today includes:
  • a basic AI which can cruise, aggro, or flee
  • sound files for every implemented mechanic as well as ambient noise, though a couple of these are placeholder or need a lot of tweaking
  • adding music, though this is disabled until I slap together some music that satisfies me
  • rocket exhaust
  • explosion and splash effect tweaks
  • a speed brake
  • a throttle control
I meant to actually model the player's ship today, but didn't get around to it, having decided to focus on audio the previous night and on AI this afternoon when I had some ideas as to how to implement it. I also spent a LOT of time just tweaking what I added today, much more than I wanted to. I spent over an hour just working on a gunshot noise that would satisfy me. I don't have all that much experience (relative to my other skills) with doing sound foley or sound programming in general, so today was a bit of a learning experience for me. I'm still disappointed with all of my attempts at doing music, but after experimenting with the gameplay that may be less of an issue than I originally thought. The engine noise I put in is strangely soothing and I almost feel guilty for sullying it with music.

I keep coming up with ideas for features to add. It's stressful in a way I can't quite describe in my current frame of mine to have to repress them. I'm constantly telling myself, "no, no, save it for after the contest." Or, "no, no, that effect is fine for now, go work on something else." And then that part of myself that wants things to be completely perfect sort of splutters incoherently for a few minutes before it lets me continue.

I think tomorrow will be an artwork day more than anything. If nothing else, I'll start on the terrain and put in the altimeter and speedometer. Maybe some menu assets, too.

I'm hoping to have at least one level playable by the end of Friday.

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