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End of Day 4 (Week of Awesome)

4: Adsense

Lots and lots of screenshots this time.
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The screenshots actually give a fairly good idea of what was implemented today. Things that got done today:
  • aircraft model
  • addition of a throttle control
  • AI players shooting back
  • terrain assets, including a volcano that emits clouds of ash
  • when an aircraft crashes into terrain, the terrain "catches fire" at that spot
  • static gun turrets
  • a new particle texture
I still need to texture the aircraft model and the AI likes to crash into the terrain at random instances, but now the game is at the point where I can almost start calling it a "game." Tomorrow is when I'm aiming to have the first level playable. I'm also hoping to have the menu/briefing room/victory/defeat UI flow implemented tomorrow so that one could actually start the game and play it. If I get around to texturing the aircraft and making a new explosion sound tomorrow, that would be great, also.

An artist (one of my roommates, actually) volunteered to help me with some of the artwork today. I expect this should expedite the schedule tremendously.

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