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Beta release! Training for Aliens: UFO

Posted by , 09 September 2013 · 669 views

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New in this update: animated victims, fancier beam graphics, updated GUI, menus and a beta download link!

First, a screenshot:

Posted Image

The beta download is hosted by IndieDB:

Posted Image

If you find any bugs or issues, let me know:
  • what happened
  • how to replicate it, and
  • some specifications for your PC and monitor (just in case that matters).

Use comments here on my developer journal or on IndieDB. I'll make changes based on tester feedback, as well as a few more improvements, and then upload a fresh build on the weekends.

I still need to put in more variety in victim movement animations, some sounds, and polish the main menu and closing screens. I also have plans for a number of levels, each with slightly different gameplay.

It's exciting how quickly I can create the game using Unity. I'm hoping to release it by the end of this month!

It's got an interesting concept. After a few tries, it's still difficult to capture people as the timing has to be almost perfect. Is it possible to get two people at the same time?

Thanks for the feedback, Squared'D!


Getting the timing right is the point of the game, but I don't want it to be painful. A few ideas:

  • Faster or slower beam speed.
  • If no capture made, either have the beam move faster up, or reset for instant re-use.
  • The victim doesn't need to be fully within the beam.

What do you think?


There will be easier levels, where the victim's movement makes them easier to capture. I might get one of the other levels done in time for this weekend's update, but I'll definitely get the multiple captures done.



A faster beam would be good. Maybe you could add some sort of power up that makes the beam faster or stay down longer. It was a little hard for me because the beam needed to hit just right. May allow some more error.

Having the beam holding at ground level is a great idea. I've just added it in now, so it'll be in this weekend's version.


Powerups is on my todo list for later, and now I can add 'hold longer at ground level' too. I was thinking of having an icon float above the victim's heads, but haven't thought much about what it will look like.


Thanks again for the feedback!