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Training for Aliens: UFO v0.6

4: Adsense

More progress! As promised last week, I’ve added sounds and polished the GUI. First, here’s the link to the IndieDB page, so you can find the new download:

Posted Image

I’ve also added multiple captures with the one beam. Here’s a screenshot:

Posted Image

Based on feedback, I tweaked the beam so it stays down (capturing) for a moment. Here’s another screenshot:

Posted Image

Finally, I added difficulty settings in the new options menu, improved the scripts, and made a few minor changes in other areas.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having some trouble with animations I bought, so no progress on that front. I’m pursuing fixes and refunds, and will soon look for alternative suppliers.

Apart from that, the only things left to add to the game are other levels! The plan for this coming week is to add a tutorial level, a first level and possibly a final level. I have two other mid-range levels planned, plus some post-release holiday-themed levels.

As with last week’s post, please post feedback comments here on my Gamedev.net developer journal or the IndieDB game pages.

Thanks to everybody who has tried the game and provided feedback. It’s great to know people are enjoying my work!

Sep 22 2013 07:33 PM

New update released: final beta version!


Ben :)

Sep 29 2013 09:16 PM

Now released: click here!


Ben :)

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