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Training for Aliens: UFO final beta version!

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Last chance to provide feedback before I release the game next weekend! Here's the link to the latest version:

Posted Image

I made so much progress in the last week that I skipped to version 0.9! Here's a screenshot of the new Pasture level:

Posted Image

And here's the new Highway level:

Posted Image

It's a hard level! To catch the cars, you can't wait until you see them on screen.

I've also added a tutorial level and tweaked a few things.

Please post any feedback here on my developer journal or on the IndieDB pages during the week and I'll include any changes in the release version next weekend. Here's the link again:

Posted Image

Thank you so much to the testers who have provided feedback so far! It's a better game thanks to your input.

Sep 22 2013 07:56 PM

How'd you do the car's lights on the ground?


I remember when I played this flash game I think. I wanted to make it myself too. Except with movement in 2 dimensions instead of 1.


The game has a nice spatial effect. Don't know how to explain. It's nice to just rotate around and look at the things. Rather it would be. Didn't download the game. I'm on linux right now and can't anyway. But I don't download things unless it's something I can really get into. I don't like simple distraction games because I think I'm more of a hardcore gamer. I just haven't found my game yet.

Sep 23 2013 04:57 AM

The car headlights were spotlights, angled slightly down and with a wider-than-expected radius.


Which flash game?


I wanted to get one game done, so I kept it simple. I have a few ideas for more complicated games, but they'll have to wait until some time next year (my first child is due in late November!).


Thanks for the comment!


Ben :)

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