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Training for Aliens: UFO released!

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The full version Training for Aliens: UFO is now available (free!) on Windows computers via IndieDB:

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There's a new machinima intro, shown in the gameplay video: Click here to view the video on Indie DB.

And a few other changes. Thanks to everyone who tried the game and left comments!

I've released the game for free so lots of players can enjoy it. If you like the game, please let your friends know! If you share the link to the IndieDB page above/below, I'll be able to see how many people have tried the game. That's the only reward I get from this, apart from positive comments.

I'll be releasing further levels and patches over the coming months, so like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for updates!

Here's another download link:

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Oct 07 2013 07:45 PM
Looks good, and I like the concept. I'm making a game with aliens as well but it will be much different.
Oct 08 2013 01:12 AM

Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for your journal.


Ben :)

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