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Gamedev info

4: Adsense

instruction cache info

instruction cache info

some links to info about the instruction cache....






Game Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Game Software

Game Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Game Software

Patterns. Seems to be all you hear these days, right? What is this pattern? Should i use it? Is this code an example of pattern A or pattern B?

It appears that "Patterns" came about due to the discovery of recurring themes in the organization of objects in OO languages for specific tasks.


A checklist for adding a new variable to a program

A checklist for adding a new variable to a program

We're programmer's. We code. We spend our time implementing stuff - making it do this, or making it do that.

Well, one of the first things we need when beginning the implementation of a new feature is variables.

So we spend a lot of time declaring and implementing variables. So much time, that i have...

code refactoring and other best practices: interesting links

The following article on code refactoring:


Led me to finding some interesting links related to code refactoring and other best practices...



handling lost devices

DX9 Lost Device Example

I decided to implement Alt-tab in my project, and went looking for info on handling
lost devices. The DirectX docs were their usual disappointment. Eventually a serach
of Gamedev and the Web found all the bits an pieces needed, but not in one place.
So I decided to post what I'd found for use by others....

Some info on SPU's

Some info on SPUs:

SPU Architecture description (includes bus fetch speeds!).
Nice. Anyone who took computer architecture will probably find it interesting, it's one bad ass little chip!

Wikipedia inf...

top game engines according to moddb.com

game engine ratings (with links) according to moddb.com

top rated:

most popular:

Gamedev Tycoon vs crackers

An interesting article about the game Gamedev Tycoon, and what the development team did as a pre-emptive strike against game crackers.

The sad thing is the part about 97% downloading the crack instead of buying.


anti-crack info

a combo of my own notes, and info down loaded about protecting games from being cracked.

some of this is stuff i've learned over the years. some is lists of tips posted online. some is actual "how-to" or more precisely, "how they do it" info. some is descriptions of various methods implemented in specific AAA titles.

my apologies to all for the une...

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Research & Development Division Pitfalls of Object Oriented Programming

an interesting read.

as can be seen from the article, the traditional c++/oo way of organizing code can be inefficient, depending on implementation.

in the article, they refactor into a more component type architecture (arrays of component types vs object components contained in the object instances).