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Amazing Journal

4: Adsense

Someday I'll be a master

Yesterday I picked up a copy of Effective C++, 3rd Edition by Scott Meyers. So far it's pretty cool and loaded with stuff I had never thought of before. Reading it is kind of like having Washu tell you how to fix your design, only it doesn't make you feel bad :P

I advise anyone who wants to learn to write better C++ to get this book.

I wish I biked more

I don't have a speedometer on my bike, but my mom has one on hers, so I took her bike out today to see how fast I could go. With no wind, about a block and a half of running distance, and a slight (maybe 10 degrees) inclination I could get up to 25 mph. One would think that coming down the hill would mean I would go faster, but no, I...

I'm a really slow coder!

So it dawned on me today that, if I have the internet, I'll just sit and get no work done whatsoever. Well, almost no work done. I'll write maybe 50 lines of code. Then erase it. Then write it back. Then go look for something to eat, but never actually get anything to eat because I'm too uninspired to even make myself food. I swear though, this...

I don't care.

Xbox360, PS3, Nintendo Revolution, they all suck. I don't care how many trillion-billion triangles a second they can render, or how sexy their magical wireless controllers are, or how many war-glorifying WW2 FPS games are going to be out for it, they all suck. When they come out, I'm going to stick it to the man and buy an NES. I'm sure their loss of my p...

You win a free laptop!

It was foolish, but I had to do it. I went to a stupid website today, thankfully I was punished with a stupid popup advertisement. This wasn't the first popup I've gotten in Firefox, but it's the first one that has made me feel like my heart was run through with a searing hot monkey-wrench.

Firefox is becoming a victim of its own popularity. A year...


Today is my half birthday. As such I decided to write a journal entry in my amazing GDNet developer journal. I'm too lazy to finish coding my game, even though everything is working perfectly so far. I'm too lazy to even play any games. I think I need more sleep.

In other news, I got a 30 on the ACT, and I'm going to have to look for colleges...

omg pong

My precious pong game feels lonely with only 6 downloads!

I made it last year and decided to release it. The good part is that it works, and looks alright, the bad part is that it's still just Pong. I don't know what to add to it to make it more interesting. Maybe some explosions would help? I bet some nearly exposed nipples could make the...

I write this with my last dying breath

Fellow GDNet members, as I speak, my monitor's picture grows ever blurrier, and it ocassionally makes a zapping noise, goes blank, then comes back into focus. My monitor is dying. Soon it will be nothing but a screen, an electron gun, some other parts, and an incredibly dangerous capacitor. When my monitor dies, I die. Woe is me. Goodbye, the Internet!...