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Caveman v3.0 general desciption

Posted by , 05 September 2013 · 3,050 views

4: Adsense
  • savanna grass
  • "instancing" in DX9 - implementation in the game
  • "instancing" with DX9 - closeup
  • "Instancing" with DX9
  • Best bow shot ever - close up
  • My best bow shot ever in the game!
  • And last, but definitely not least - Savanna
  • prairie terrian
  • Improved animal models and animations: Smilodon Fatalis
  • Improved tall grass using the new generic random map.
  • Swamp effect with jungle vegetation
  • Swampy woods
  • Lots of batch calls!
  • The edge of the world!
  • Don't look now, but your skybox is showing!
  • Alpha blended snow
  • Title screen
  • The animation editor
  • The modeler

CAVEMAN 3.0 general description.
Someone suggested i post a description of CAVEMAN as a reference link in threads about the game.

CAVEMAN is a fully immersive 3d Paleo-World simulator. Its a persistent modifiable open world RPG / person sim, with a fps / 3ps interface.

so its sort of a cross of a fps like Oblivion, an RPG like table top D&D or Traveller, and a person sim like The SIMs.

you can do all the normal rpg stuff, plus you can select almost anything in the environment and interact with it like in The SIMs.

The setting is paleolithic, about 200,000 to 10,000 years ago. no techno. no magic.

the player can control a band of up to 10 cavemen (like a household in The SIMs).

Band members have core stats like strength, intelligence, etc. - the usual RPG stuff.

Band members also have variable stats as seen in The SIMs, like food, water, hygiene, and mood.

46 skills and experience in each. You can research, teach, and learn skills, as well as acquire then through use.

no classes.

a 2500x2500 mile randomly generated, persistent, modifiable world. The "ground mesh" for the world is procedurally generated in chunks on the fly as needed from data structures containing the "world map" (right down to the last rock, plant, and clump of grass). The entire world ground mesh is 87.12 TRILLION triangles.

Over 200 types of objects you can make or find.

62 types of weapons.

Over 50 types of extinct Mega-fauna to hunt or be hunted by.

thousands of possible actions, from filling water skins, to repairing a bow.

exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and trade.

In depth modeling and simulation of lots of stuff, from windage effects on arrows to death by background radiation (IE old age).

The player starts with one band member, but can get NPCs to join their band.

The objective is for your band to become as powerful as possible and last as long as possible.

The game ends if all your band members die.

The details about your terrain system sound very impressive.
When can we test it?

>> When can we test it?


We're holding an open call for testers now...



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