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A different way

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So just what is this different way of building games?

So just what is this different way of building games?

in a nutshell:
non-OO c++ syntax
ADTs (abstract data types) composed of:
* PODs (plain old data)
* standalone functions
the use of data structures statically allocated in the data segment vs dynamically allocated on the heap
procedural code calling hierarchy used to define flow control


Quick thoughts on writing bug free code

Quick thoughts on writing bug free code

From a recent posting of mine:

>> And you should write bug free code as well.


one thing at a time, do it very well, then move on.

programming is about precision.

mind your p's and q's - cross your i's and dot your t's <g>.

always think ahead about what you...

on hard coded vs soft coded constants

on hard coded vs soft coded constants

a recent posting of mine:

rpg/person sim, fps interface:
~100 monster types, ~250 object types, ~60 weapon types, ~45 skill types, ~200 meshes, ~300 textures, ~ 10 materials, ~100 models, ~30 animations, 2500x2500 mile game world.

models and animations are made using an in-game editor, and saved to disk....

gone CScript

Well, i've done it.

I've gone CScript.

After having a C++ macro processing language at my disposal for about 15 years now, i've finanlly made the big move and fully integrated CScipt into my code development workflow. now if there was just a way to add a solution specific external tool button to the standard menu bar in VC 2012 express.....

See this...

So many topics! So little time!

As i work away here, i keep thinking of topics for this journal.

I'll start listing them here so i don't forget

i'll also try to say a few words, then cover it in more depth in a separate journal entry.

game state managers
state transitions are already implicitly defined by the natural flow control of a game. the one place i use a state manager "pat...

Game loops

Game loops

render everything, process input, and update everything. that's what games do. this leads to a basic loop like:

while ! quitgame

the order of the calls:
there are only two possible orders for a game loop:
1. input - update - render
2. input - render - update
all other orderings are simply out of ph...

Code entry point

Code entry point

ok here we go....

<Code entry point>

that's a game, right there. this is what all games do. actually is what pretty much all programs do.
<Code entry point> is where program execution begins, main() for example in C++.
<halt> is where the program ends exec...

Explaining the different way

Explaining the different way

I've been thinking about how to best explain this different way.

An example tutorial series where you could download and compile code would require a C++ compiler and directx.

it would also require low level helper libraries. and an example application. and a place to host the files.

i have an example application in...

A different way

Wow. What am i trying to say?

There's a different way to make games.

Different how?

Less complex.

Much of the complexity of game development has less to do with the game itself, and more to do with the environment in which its created.

And much of that complexity is unnecessary for the small team or solo developer.

So i should probably start by sayi...