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Hey all!

I created this Dev Journal a little too late: Big Boss TV is about 75% ready, and should be released on the next 30 days.

I started the development in April I think, but mostly as a side project. Only in the last 30 days I was able to focus 100% on the project.

For more info on what is BBTV, take a look on its Indie page:

Well, to make this entry a real Dev Journal entry, today I focused on crafting a document that defines the semi-final set of images needed for the game to send to the artist. When this set of images is ready the game will be around 90% complete, and I will then send the final document with the remaining images.

On the programming side these are the 5 main activities that need to be done before release:
1) AI of the enemies
2) Balancing of the game (adjusting the price and scores of movie tapes, adjust the ad tapes parameters, a little tweak on news tapes, and a big overhaul on the audience formula, and some tweak on the antennas)
3) Define and create the other cities and countries
4) Craft the tutorial
5) Create help panels for each of the rooms

I'll try to keep this up to date on the next 30 days - and beyond, eventually.

Sep 12 2013 12:33 PM

Are you planning on having randomly generated buildings/environments?

Sep 12 2013 12:43 PM

Initially I had planned that: every match would be on a randomly generated building. But then I came up with the City concept and leaned towards pre-designed buildings. Now thinking about it again, I might add a city with "free play" with a randomly generated building, no goals and no time limit. That might be a nice addition, what do you think?

Sep 12 2013 04:01 PM

Personally, I like having random maps, especially when coming back to a game after a while. It makes it seem new again. As for the pre-designed buildings, that is probably a better idea for the story line, but I would definitely agree with randomly generated for the free play mode!

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