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Country/City/Area Module = OK

4: Adsense

Hey Again.

I've just finished what I've been working since yesterday: a way to dynamically load the countries, cities and areas. Before doing this I had only 1 city, and it was mostly hardcoded.

Just as a little extra info:
  • Country: this is the name of the region (not exactly a Country, but thats how I call it internally) which comprises a few cities. I created this concept to be able to put pre-requisites between a group of cities, lock them (so a player can buy a pack of cities via IAP), give bonuses for a pack of cities, etc. Examples; US East, Europe, Tutorial...
  • City: a single level. This is what you actually play. Each city has a Building associated to it, which is where your company is located. Examples: Miami, New York, Paris, Tutorial #1, Tutorial #2...
  • Building: the layout of the commercial building where you actually play the game. The building is comprised of many Floors (which contains Tiles and Doors).
  • Area: area (or Neighborhood, but internally I call it Area) is a subdivision of a city. When playing a level, you can have up to 1 antenna per area, and you compete inside that area only. If you're the only player with an antenna on a certain area, you are more likely to get a better audience than on an area with competing antennas.
This is basically the #3 task from the previous Journal entry.

Besides being able to load each level, I have populated the definition files with all the data: 14 cities, 4 countries, 20-something areas, and the definition files for the building layout (which is 1x1 with the cities, so 14). Now the game is fully customizable using parameter files - no more hardcodes! I just dont have the creativity right now to actually populate all the cities, I have simply copied the layout for all the cities, so the building as of now is exactly the same on the 14 cities.

I will craft the Tutorial cities buildings to make it very simple, with only a few floors, a few doors, etc, so it gets easier to grasp the game concepts I want the player to grasp (let the player get a bit lost on the building on more advanced cities). But the remaining cities I will definitely not design them anytime soon.

Now I'll pick another of those 5 tasks, don't know which yet.

Sep 12 2013 07:30 PM

Suggestion for designing buildings: Use the random generator you mentioned in a previous post?



Sep 13 2013 12:51 PM

Suggestion for designing buildings: Use the random generator you mentioned in a previous post?




Hey Ben, yes, thanks, thats a good idea. I will just randomize the buildings for the initial version, then later I can tweak them a bit to eventually make them match more properly the level itself (for example on a Hard level I will probably make the building taller so the Elevator "resource" is a little more scarce).

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