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slayemin's Journal

4: Adsense

Principles of Debugging Effectively

I just spent three days debugging a problem within my VR game. I don't quite understand the root cause of the problem, but I do know enough about the nature of the problem to create an effective work around.Over the course of my career as a programmer and developer, I've gradually gotten better and better at debugging and troubleshooting. I think this is...

Spellbound: February Update

I don't really have the energy to write a long dev blog for this month.
I was invited to meet a chinese delegation looking to do some collaboration with the VR scene in Seattle. I picked the brains of a few fellow chinese devs and I learned that most of them understand english well enough that translation isn't 100% necessary to be successful in the chine...

January 2017: Steam Updated!

January 27th. The first major update for Spellbound since early access release on Sept 4th, 2016. Almost five months later. For the sake of brevity, you can read the lengthy Patch Notes here. This helps me get one step closer to achieving a core strategic business objective: To get Spellbound on as many online distribution platforms as possible, sup...

EnvelopVR goes out of business!

Last month I said: 
The big news of the week in the VR industry is that EnvelopVR has shutdown. I was 95% certain this would happen to them and they were the first local company that came to mind when I wrote that paragraph last month. EnvelopVR was a "large" company with about 20-30? employees working on building a VR desktop. They were aiming for e...

Spellbound: December Update

Game Status:
Where is the game at today? I have nearly finished working on a major update. Customers are starting to ask about it. I'm a bit nervous about releasing it because I'm worried that people may not like it or that it will break parts of the game. But, that's what testing and early access is for, right? In the next few days, I'm going to be thor...

Spellbound: November Update

The month of November has been another hard month to get through. December will be harder and I can't afford presents this year. 
I have been making mediocre progress on integrating Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch with my game. I wish my pace of development was faster, but life happened and this was a high hurdle for me to overcome. Here is a short video...

Spellbound: October Update

Yesterday I received my first payment from Valve for sales in the first month: $4,354.89 I debated whether or not to post the actual amount I received. Normally, I'd not want to share this (and I generally won't), but I think there is a bigger, more important conversation about game development financing and revenues which people in and out of the ga...

September Recap

Whew! That last entry was a long one and I was almost wondering if there's anything to add to the month of September. As it turns out, there is always lots to talk about :) So, I launched my game. That was pretty cool. It's a first, and I feel happy and proud about it. I hold my head a teensy bit higher now. But, let's not kid ourselves. The game is...

Long launch reflections

So... I launched my game about a week and a half ago. Finally. 
I remember the day I decided I wanted to make games. I was playing Commander Keen, as I always did when I was about 14 years old, and it dawned on me that *someone* had built this game in this universe. Someone had drawn these cute little aliens which I was jumping on with my pogo stic...

Launched Spellbound on Steam

It's 10:15PM on Monday Night. I just launched Spellbound on Steam for the HTC Vive VR headset. This is not only the first game I've ever launched, it's a VR game. Pure craziness. I'm feeling a bit emotional about it right now because it marks the accomplishment of a lifelong dream, which has been something I've wanted to do for more than half my life. 18...