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The PS4

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So in a little under a month and a half, I will be the owner of a PS4. I actually wanted a XBox One, even before they said retail XBox Ones will double as dev kits. However, the whole dev kit thing has made me want it even more. The problem was, everything went wrong possible so that I could not preorder a XBox One, due to availibility or other problems. However, I was able to preorder a PS4.

I will still appreciate the PS4 though. It is $100 cheaper. And if someone is on a budget and wants some good gaming, I might still recommend it. Their developer policy isn't terrible - from what I've heard, they will loan many developers a dev kit for a year and then expect them to pay about $2500 when the year is up. I have my reasons that if I was to pay that much, I would develop for the Wii U instead. The PS4 has much better performance than the Wii U on paper, but it will be limited by Unity's use of a single core for a lot of tasks and 32-bit which allows for only 4GB memory.

Oct 05 2013 06:26 PM

You know that you don't just have to pay for a dev kit to develop for console -- they have other conditions (often involving your track record as a successful developer) as well, and just being able to afford a dev kit doesn't automatically mean you'll be able to develop for it. :)


That being said, conditions are getting better and better for indie -- and even hobbyist -- developers, and there are more and more accessible options out there.

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