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Posted by , 07 October 2013 · 1,014 views

I will be starting the Major portion of my college, art, soon. I have made drawings before but they aren't very good, because of the low amount of time spent on them and my lack of knowing how to texture 2D art well, so I would be embarrassed to show them. However, I might make something good for one of my assignments, that I can proudly display. We'll see.

I suggest just showing whatever you have as you work on it. Sure they are nothing to "flaunt" but seeing a progression of your own work, having peers review your work, and more or less cataloging your personal evolution are crucial points to development. I would again strongly urge you to share them... but to each their own. Good luck on this process as it can be a trying one. Most of all, do not be afraid to try. I find many artists who are unable to put something down on paper/pad because they simply are afraid. The canvas is no place for fear and it will only hold you back. You will fail, you should fail, as it will only make you better.

Your wish is my command, here is a drawing of mine: http://i40.tinypic.com/2mi7lz.jpg


I get lazy with the outline.

What is your aim with this picture you linked?

A cartoon cow that stands on two feet and wears shoes and gloves.

Did you use paint to make it? Are you using gimp? or photoshop?

MS Paint.

Well is your ultimate aim for pixel art?

Uhh... what kind of question is that? There is pixel art which is raster art at low resolutions, raster art which is pixel art at high resolutions, and vector art. I want to learn all three as well as sketches. This would be considered raster art, what I made. And my goal is just to make things look good as well as learn texturing.

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