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2d Game Creation

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Small break, but back to work

Small break, but back to work I took a break due to work being hectic and everyone seeming to get sick. I added alpha blending and I have working armatures and working on the keyframes to create animations.

It looks like something

It looks like something I got rid of most of the slider bars now that I have working color picking and constant buffers. So I decided to try and draw something. I was going for the mysterious woman on the water in a row boat.
All the shapes now have visible, clickable, control points. I need to work a little bit more on correct mouse movement translations (you move left but t...

Color Picking, Constant Buffers, and Shaders

FINALLY!!! Constant buffer worked without errors. I guess I kept running into bad examples. Many were missing information. I simply wanted to do color picking and set a constant buffer for the color. So both the color picking and the constant buffer (to set the object/shape to a solid color to be referenced) were a pain.
R - What kinds of pick (gui, ob...

Bezier, it's french

Bezier, it's french So I got bezier curves kickin', along with variable width of the start, middle, and end. If you have not used bezier ([be.zje] ) is actually not a hard concept, but very effective. They use control points to modify a line interpolation from straight line into a curve.
Coding Math 19 was very helpful.

I used cubic bezier, so I have a start point, end poi...


Ellipses Directx, What a pain in the butt! I learned opengl with no problems when it came to using uniform data and sending it to the shaders. Constant Buffers are not nearly as user friendly. I am sure they have wonderful attributes to them, but geez. But I did get my ellipses working along with my curved lines. I am using control points to define the length and...


Win32 Well I had super fun learning win32 without using a wrapper. I ended up with a system similar to what I used with my self made gui system, with the hWnd of each control being stored in an array. Now I have a drawing window, a working property page and a pop up (ish) window. Now I use sliders for adjust the properties so they can change on the fly.

Vector Graphics

So after figuring up the amount of work to make the bitmaps look fine on pc and android (all the different resolutions), I decided to go vector. So now I am making a vector graphics editor (aka like flash). This way it will scale to any resolution without loss.

Did not give up

I kept flip flopping on what I wanted to do. It is hard for me to give up on trying to make a 3d game. And I also want to add a lot of material to a game, I love customization. So I decided to try and limit myself forcibly by doing this on Android. Most people are not going to have a gamepad with it, and on screen ones are hit and miss. So I am making sur...

Raw Input API

A lot of research went into using Raw Input API on a gamepad.
I am using a Logitech Dual Action usb gamepad.
This is where I got the best example. But he obviously changed part of the code cause it didn't work.

So after more research and tweeking, got it to work. Right now it is 4 buttons, two analog s...

Small Break and now trying Gamepad support

I worked some crazy hours the last few weeks and had a vacation. I spent the vacation catching up on shows and got the ps4, so was also playing that.
I'm working on getting the basics of the game going to I can sync both the animator and game together. I may implement something in the animator, and absolutely realize it was a terrible idea in the game....