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Grand Strategy: Space War - Video Log # 1!

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Grand Strategy: Space War - Video Log # 1! The week that was!

Finally managed to release our first Video Log for the project.

Video Log # 1

Our intent with the video is to acquire feedback from players to see whether we're catering to their needs.

A blend of pixel-art and concept art with Super Metroid-like music in a modern browser interface?
What kind of 4X game is THAT?!

We've been hard at work to make our own recipe of old and new trying to redefine the genre we love.
Most modern installments of the 4X genre have stagnated in the "more ship customization" and "more tech trees" habits, making the genre less accessible, and less enjoyable.

4X games, before anything else, are games that should be fun to play, and should occur in the environment, not in interfaces. Ship customization can be fun, but its a time-consuming process that hides you Galaxy. Tech trees can be satisfying, but then again, they're pointless if you lose track of the worlds you want to conquer.

Grand Strategy: Space War does away with this. All of our menus are draggable (for a customizable UI) and allow you to always keep track of what happens in the Galaxy (because that's where the fun trully happens).

Let us know!

Oct 18 2013 02:49 PM
I was going to comment on your video in another thread, but it was 30 minutes long. Generally people like to skim. So if you were to limit your videos to 2-4 minutes in the future, it might get your more feedback.
Oct 18 2013 08:25 PM

agreed - 30 minutes is a huge time investment for even a die-hard fan of anything

Oct 18 2013 09:23 PM
thanks for pointing it out. I wanted to show the vision but maybe i went too micro. Should have broken it down into smaller bits. Will definitely do that next time!
Oct 22 2013 11:51 AM

I was going to watch, or at least browse through the video but is says "This video is private" :|

Oct 22 2013 12:04 PM

Fixed! (Thanks for pointing it out).


I'm in the process of making a 2nd version of that Vlog which is MUCH shorter though, so you may want to wait for that.

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