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HTML5 and game development - my bookmarks

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HTML5 and game development - my bookmarks This post is a collection of links to posts and statistics about Web/HTML5 as a gaming platform.
I have been using web technologies for a couple of years as a platform to experiment with programming. I also have an interest in game development, which made it natural for me to begin developing games in HTML5. When I started I was pretty enthusiastic, but these days I grow more skeptical.
From a historical perspective, HTML5 had a bit of a breakthrough in 2012. If you look a the [dates] you can see this reflected in the enthusistic headers. The more recent headlines are more skeptical.

HTML5 communities

Google search results

These search results could be seen as a reflection on how many tutorials you will find, as well as how easy it will be to find help if you get stuck.
"iphone game development"   165 000 000
"android game development"  136 000 000
"windows game development"  119 000 000
"pc game development"        87 300 000
"mac game development"       63 900 000
"unity game development"     15 100 000
"html5 game development"      9 670 000
"gamemaker studio"              292 000
"createjs game development"      22 600
"kineticjs game development"     11 900

Articles about present/future of HTML5 in gaming (and general)

Forum discussions - Slashdot

I like slashdot because it's populated with mix of performance geeks and pragmatic people.

Stackoverflow posts about html5 games

I have skipped simple questions and only gathered questions of performance and structure. My titles are not the same as the posters.

LinkedIn Groups

If you have any interesting reads yourself, or statistics of some form then send me a pm or comment below.

Nov 24 2013 10:29 AM

This is a great collection of information. I think people looking at developing in/for HTML5 should have a look at this post.

I like to prototype some designs in HTML, if it is the faster method of realizing a vision.

Nov 26 2013 11:53 PM

Great post, we switched to HTML5 late 2012 and haven't looked back!

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