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The coming Onslaught

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Beta Release!

Beta Release! Click to go to Beta Release Topic

Well, after two weeks of working and learning and trial/error, I've got what I believe is suitable for a BETA release! The game is intentionally simplistic; even having my own dreams of the next great MMORPG, I realize and respect the concept of biting off more than one can chew, lol. I felt this was both realistic y...

Models added, collision detection improved and new bug...

Models added, collision detection improved and new bug... After a days worth of trial and error, I've taught myself enough to rig/animate my zombie model, and let him animate and move in game! Also, my collision detection has been fixed, and the zombies no longer walk over one another. Initial pistol model is in place with a simple particle system for the flash.

One major thing to correct for... On collisio...

Graphical Upgrade to Onslaught

Yesterday I went ahead and added most of the starter graphics to the game. My floor and walls are now textured to fit the basic theme of the game. The zombie mesh is working appropriately (Was having trouble recognizing when it had been shot and was suppose to die). I removed the bullet model. Never really had any intentions of using it, but figured i...


This journal will outline the process of making the first steps into 3d gaming, using Unity3D. I've decided upon a project I've entitled, "Onslaught."

The premise is simple: The player will be placed in the center of an inescapable arena, where he will face enemies that are endlessly spawned from one of four entry-ways. The object will be to survive fo...