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Beta Release!

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Beta Release!
  • Graphical Upgrade--3 of 3
  • Graphical Upgrade--2 of 3
  • Graphical Upgrade--1 of 3
  • Introducing Bob
  • Showing a finished shooting script!
  • Bullet model collisions work.
  • Replaced the sphere primitive with a bullet model.
  • Checking Shooting, Collision and Rigidbodies (4 of 4)
  • Checking Shooting, Collision and Rigidbodies (3 of 4)
  • Checking Shooting, Collision and Rigidbodies (2 of 4)
  • Checking Shooting, Collision and Rigidbodies (1 of 4)

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Well, after two weeks of working and learning and trial/error, I've got what I believe is suitable for a BETA release! The game is intentionally simplistic; even having my own dreams of the next great MMORPG, I realize and respect the concept of biting off more than one can chew, lol. I felt this was both realistic yet large enough endeavor for one person to be a great first step. As simple as it is, I feel like it's a huge accomplishment, and it's a good sense of pride knowing that I took something small and am accomplishing it (rather than taking something large and only accomplishing .01% of it.)

I will keep working on it, fixing all bugs, and adding small features here and there until I feel it's worthy of being more than a WIP/Beta.

Who knows, I might even eventually earn the right to call myself a "Game Developer". ^_^

Nov 16 2013 04:01 AM

Congratulations on making your first playable prototype =) I got it to run without any problems. Some comments on the game-play:

  • The controls need more work. Strafing and mouse look would help a lot.
  • A few times I was pushed up against the ceiling. There were lots of zombies around me and I was running in a circle.
  • I noticed poor frame rate when shooting.
  • Make the difficulty a little bit less steep. It looked like a new zombie spawned right away when I had killed one. Maybe spawn zombies every 10 seconds, or in some wave pattern. It would make the game more enjoyable if there were a break and a sense of accomplishment after killing a bunch of zombies instead of them just coming right back.
  • I was able to kill 2-3 zombies after I had been killed.
  • Maybe implement a High Scores screen?


My high score: 57 zombies killed.

Keep it up!

Nov 16 2013 04:02 AM

ups, that post were ment to go in the forum

Nov 16 2013 09:12 AM

Thanks for the review and suggestions! I'll definitely be adding those in the very near future.

Nov 23 2013 10:39 AM


Nov 23 2013 12:23 PM

Very cool. congrats!

Nov 30 2013 09:29 PM

I am happy for you to stay with it this far.  Now on to greater things!  :)

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