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Shipyard Character Creation Mock-ups

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Recently I've been thinking about adding character creation to Shipyard. The character wouldn't do anything on their own, but the image could be used in dialog sequences and just add a little extra personality to the game. I haven't done any actual programming yet, but I've been having a lot of fun making mock-ups of various outfits in Paint.net. The reason they all look mostly the same is because, eventually, the character editor will have a set list of hair styles and decorations, which rely on having a consistent base to get the right look. The colors will be modifiable via RGB sliders for individual components (top, bottom, hair, etc.).

Here are some of examples I've come up with:

Posted ImagePosted Image
Generic "spacey" uniform.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Military-style uniform, different skin and hair colors.
Posted Image
Something a little less formal, maybe a colonist or a "space cowboy," a la Firefly.
Posted Image
On the other hand, she might be an affluent merchant or some sort of diplomat.

Dec 11 2013 02:45 AM

Very nice.

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