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The beginning

Planet Procedural Planet XNA QuadTree Perlin Noise Atmospheric Scattering
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The beginning This is Alex and i invite you to follow my Dev-Journal 'bout Creating a Procedural Planet.
Im 23 years old, and life in Austria (not Australia Posted Image ) And my experience in programming is 1 year. Not long i know... sorry about that pros! ;)

I use for my Prototype XNA and later when i have a good Basis i switch/port to SharpDX.

Technical Aspects
  • Like the most of the People which creat a Planet i use a Cube2Sphere Algorithm to form the Sphere.
  • I use a QuadTree/LOD System to handle the FrameRate.
  • The height data are generated on the gpu using Perlin Noise.
  • For Atmospheric Scattering I use the technique of Sean O'Neil.

So that's my first entry, sorry for my English i hope you can understand me what i mean! ;)

The Entry Image is a older Prototype from my Planet.

Dec 20 2013 03:11 AM

Your English is very good! :)


Looking forward to following your progress, hopefully it goes well for you!

Mar 22 2014 12:51 PM

Hello :)


Thank you sir.



So now i try to fix the float imprecision... Hard to try

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