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Good help is VERY hard to find.

Posted by , 26 February 2014 · 850 views

I know a lot of people can relate. I see it on health sites and on programming sites, and on every single forum.

Someone is in dire need of help and you get all these extremely annoying replies.

Some guy thinks it is absurd to ever need help and says, "google it."

Another thinks that they can solve everything and knows nothing, and gives you a wild goose chase.

Another knows what they are talking about, but try to get you hooked on a $10 package.

And there is that one person out of a trillion who actually knows what they are talking about, who is patient enough to take time out and make it simple for you, and give you good, solid advice. Your response? THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU SO MUCH! JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

I'll be flying solo.

Same reason that great tutorials are so few and far between.

Tell me about it. haha

A lot of people make it really hard to be helped:


Someone, who just throw a wall of text or some source code at you ...


Some guy thinks ,that he doesn't need to do anything by himself to get help, even a simple pre-post googling...


Another thinks that his vision  and view is the correct one, regardless of what the rest of the world try to tell him...


Another, who dont see that his problem is just a symptom of an other reason...


Another, who get pissed off at the first glimpse of critic...


Another who has no patient and demands a correct answer ASAP...


If someone is trying to help you, he sacrifice some time of his own to think and write an answer. You should respect it, by not being one of the guys from above.  :-)

There's only been a few times that I've thought about asking for help on these forums. Each of those times, I find myself thinking something like, "Oh, some jerk is going to ask why I haven't done [seemingly obvious solution]. Wait... why haven't I tried that? Maybe I need to look into that to understand it better first so I don't sound foolish."


And a solution emerges.

Good points Ashaman. Let me see if I can make a list of some things to do before seeking help. 


1) Try to solve it myself first, and only seek help when I just can't get it, especially if I want someone to be just as determined to help me with my problem.


2) Be humble and considerate and patient and ready to accept harsh true statements.


3) Re-evaluate my issue with the new information I get. 


Sounds good! haha. 


I guess it is just that sometimes, I am frustrated after having looked for the answer for so long and not finding the answer. Kinda give up hope that someone will be able to help. 


And if the problem is simple, and others make it more complicated that it was to start, i get more hopeless. I spend 3 days on a small problem and it feels like a waste. Then the idea of all the other potential problems I won't be able to solve start to make me that much more hopeless. It never stops me though.


I think the thing is, I don't want someone to give me answers, but to help me to be able to find answers. 


I don't like someone doing something for me, I'd more appreciate someone teaching me how to do it for myself. That is so much more beneficial. 


I would invest in information I was sure would help, but there are just very few completed, full, and easy tutorials and such out there. 

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