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Direct- and indirect illumination

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Depth of field and finished report

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Depth of field
My friend had added depth of field to the path tracer, which shows some nice results.

Without DoF:
Posted Image

With DoF:
Posted Image

This effect was achieved by picking a focal point on the focal plane for every pixel, and then jittering our camera rays to go through this focal point.

Finished report
After some significant revisions on our two reports for the two subjects for which we did this project, we are finally finished. I feel like I've learned an awful lot more about rendering, mostly due to looking at it from a different angle than the approach I'm used to (rasterization). Working on this project has been a joy for me and I'm happy with the results.

Having finished the report does not mean that we're finished with this project. We do intend to find some time to add more features. But, in reality, time might be sparse. My interests have shifted to learning how to implement these kind of effects (AA, DoF, GI) in a rasterization setting.

I hope people enjoyed having a look at this series of blog posts. Maybe there'll be more. Thanks for reading!

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