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Adventures in physics based Tower Defense.

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So, a while back, I decided I wanted to make a game using Unity, to get my feet wet in it. I wanted something fairly simple. So I went with a Tower Defense game. But of course, I had to put my own spin on it, by making everything physics driven. No hitpoints! To defeat the creeps, you have to push them off of edges, into the infinite pit below.

Anyway, here it is:

I'm using NGUI (demo license), arongranberg.com's pathfinding (overkill, really, but I just wanted to get up and running quickly), and using open source sounds ..mostly, I need to replace some that aren't.

Honestly, I think it was probably more fun to program than it was to play.

Jan 16 2014 09:52 PM

Congratulations on getting a basic game done, and for coming up with your own interesting spin to put on it! :)



It's an interesting concept, and I think it actually has the potential to be a really fun game with some more work, but in it's current form it's very clunky and could use a lot of work.  I'd spend some time working to improve the game play, I think you're onto an idea that could be really fun! 

Jan 16 2014 10:14 PM

Thanks I really appreciate the feedback!  Would you mind elaborating?  Which parts didn't work for you, or were clunky?  It's pretty easy to get 'developer blindess', so it'd be nice to hear more.

Jan 16 2014 11:25 PM

Sure, I can elaborate.  In know no (damn auto-correct!) particular order:


- Some form of basic tutorial would be welcome.  Unobtrusively guide the player through the basic controls of the game, and through placing their first couple of towers.  Until I start playing it isn't clear where creeps will come from and which end they'll head towards.


- Given the 3d look of the play field, some way of rotating the camera would be welcome, as it's a bit difficult to view certain portions of the play-field properly sometimes.  Alternatively, flatten the graphics to give more of a 2d isometric appearance, even if the reality is still actually a 3d game.  I did get used to this after playing a bit longer, but it was a little off-putting at first.


- It's difficult to read the UI text in the upper left because of the overlapped NGUI logo.  If you're able to move either of these elements so that they aren't overlapping it will make it easier to read.



//EDIT: Fixed auto-correct typo.

Jan 17 2014 12:07 PM

Ah, thanks for the feedback, that's exactly the kind of stuff that can be easily overlooked.


I really should add a tutorial (or at the very least a controls page), perhaps ramp up the game a bit, so that the player has less choices at the beginning.  Perhaps adding actual text on the start/goal locations, at least until the player starts the creep waves.


You can rotate the camera -- though it's not documented, which goes to your first point =)  If you hold down left+right mouse, you can freelook much like an FPS.  


As for your third point, that's perhaps the easiest to fix, but also the most expensive  monetarily -- I just need to actually buy the NGUI license, then the watermark is removed.  It's something I've been tempted to do anyway.


Thanks again for the feedback, it may seem minor, but it's really amazingly helpful to me.

Jan 17 2014 08:00 PM
I got a blank screen underneath the unity web player text on a lab computer. Maybe needs to install unity here.

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