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RPG work-in-progress: maps!

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First in-game screenshot for my RPG work, no mockup this time. I'm no longer scared by isometric draw! Posted Image

It's all going quite well. Tiled is, as always, THE tool for maps, together with the simple tmx loader I wrote. The screenshot shows also the player character (a human male, but there's also the female flavour and the high-elf and silvan elf, male and female too). I plan to make "dynamic" dressing, but I have not developed any kind of equipment system, hence the character is almost naked.

Another think that's going the right way is the entity-component-system paradigm. I must say I like it. Write components is easy, and write systems is funny, for the moment. Not sure it's really orthodox, but I added a TurnOn/TurnOff switch to the Systems in order to choose what must run and what not. For example, during the character creation I have a DrawCharacterSystem that draws the character sprite in the portrait's space: this is no longer wanted during actual gameplay.

Next step will be add some kind of movement. I opted for a point and click movement type (so with A* for pathfinding), like in Baldur's Gate series. This way character will not be the center of the scene: player will have to move mouse near the bounds of the screen in order to scroll the map. This is also working yet.

Ok, here is the screenshot. Bye!

Posted Image

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