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Spectra - First Space MMORPG - Idea

Posted by , in Design 16 February 2014 · 529 views

html php css mysql design space mmorpg text based sandbox
Let me know what you think of it so far....this is the idea process that I have come up with for a text based space mmorpg. I will need some help along the way, but I think that it could go pretty good for a first time game. Also is there any other programming languages that I should possibly learn....I know javascript, jquery, ajax would all be good but I can't figure out how to start with it yet or where I would be implimenting these other than with possibly a timer for skill research, crafting, and showing a fight sequence commencing through text.

Spectra: Space Exploration Combat & Trading

By Robert Ames



  • Dynamic Market – All materials and items are provided by miners, combatants, and traders.
  • In-depth non-intrusive crafting system – All crafting takes time of course...but every item, ship, ammunition, station, etc. is all player created.
  • Non-intrusive Skill System – Players are able to learn skills over time without having to practice each skill.
  • Players can choose their own path whether it be a bounty hunter, military pilot, banker, miner, manufacturer, corporation CEO, Station owner, or even a pirate...the choices are endless.
  • No waiting – Players can still do things in Spectra without having to wait for turns to build up or limited only by how much they can build. The more you play...the more you accomplish.
  • No Storyline – Play style is all sandbox...it is your universe.