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In Which Christopher Robin Buys Some Cheese

4: Adsense

C# was designed to not implement the SGL

That's the conclusion I've reached. After jumping through dozens of hoops to finally get everything to a point where it pretty much works as you'd expect, they light one of the hoops on fire and put it over a shark tank. And the sharks have fricken lazers on their fricken heads.

Basically, as my recent post in the .Net forum has mentioned,...

Survey says: Ignore it

Conceptually, what is the difference between a Sequence and a Sorted Container? Answer: The fact that you specify the order of a sequence, while the sorted container decides on its own where to put things. Its a bit of a simplification, but overall I think that really sums it up.

With that in mind, having Insert(i, x) being defined for a Sorted...

On containers

When designing my iterators, I pretty much just went to the C++ standard [chapter 24, Section 1: Iterator Requirements], and copied it. That worked great, the end results were quite pleasing.

Initially, I did the same thing with the containers. In fact, I did the same thing with containers before I even did it with iterators. However, I now realize this...

Generic cycling

In the wake of the untimely demise of my car, I've lost my will to do much of anything other than play Baldur's Gate, a game I find entertaining but ultimately rather klunky and poorly executed. Being without a television, however, its all I've got to satisfy my need for some role playing action.

I've been feeling the itch to code, however, and so I'm...

Happy Panda (Part Two)

First of all, if you at all enjoyed Super Troopers, go see Beerfest right now. I have never in my life heard an entire theater laughing uncontrollably at the same time until this movie. I have heard individual people laugh, and had the occasional "ha ha ha ha done" laugh pass through the croud, but this was full force "I can't breath" laughter. This...

Happy Panda

Windows is back. Hooray! It was even easier than I thought it would be...I envisioned losing all my data and having to reinstall all my software, but all it took was putting in the new harddrive, loading it with the ghost I made before things went up in smoke, and performing a repair installation of Windows.

So now I'm back to work on Super Awesome...

Sad Panda

A while back I got bored and decided to develop a CLR compliant version of the C++ standard containers library in C#. In particular, I wanted to see if I could get iterators working. So far, my success has been rather promising. I've got Vector and List working, with a rudimentary Set implementation, and my experiments with generic algorithms have proven...

The death and return of Conner McCloud

Life is certainly strange. Some fourteen months ago, I was graduating from a respected university with two sought after degrees. Today, I am posting from a library [twelve minutes left on this session, I had better hurry], preparing for my next shift at a local Dairy Queen.

And I honestly do not remember when I was last happier.

It isn't so much...