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You can now play Flappy Assassin here!

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You can now play Flappy Assassin here! Hello guys,

I'm glad to announce that 'Flappy Assassin' is now available here: http://www.chnkgames.com/flappyassassin.html
It's just a little casual game that I developed by adopted some of artworks form flappy bird game.

Watch Video:

I would be glad to hear comments and suggestions from professional game developers here.
Hope you enjoy it!

Apr 07 2014 05:45 AM

Its awesome, I love it.


The only problem is that if you just mash WAD, nothing can hit you, and if you try to play properly, it seems impossible once you get past the first few. So it became a case of just mashing to me.

Apr 07 2014 08:26 AM

Thanks Aardvajk :)


I knew the problem when you mash WAD,so I tried to solve this problem by implemented COMBO system.


When you slash a bird on the right time(center of the bird), you will get 'COOL' and you will get multiple scores.

So if you just mash WAD, you won't be able to get scores more than 100k. 

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