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A Few Changes

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Spent today reworking horizontal and vertical collisions, so far so good.Animations have been tweaked and are much smoother now. Decided to add an attack bar similar to the one in "Secret Of Evermore" attacks with the bar full cause max damage while attacks with the bar mid charge cause less damage. "Flames Of Duna" has been fixed to work with the new changes, when cast on an enemy a fireball travels from the player towards the enemy and explodes on contact. Enemies can now walk left and right, determined by random dice rolls.I eventually want enemies to to move towards player and attack when close enough, I haven't messed with any A.I. thus far so that will be my next challenge.

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New screenshot after changes

New Running Animation Sprites

Decided to make some big changes... I have completely removed the tile based movement system, it Just didn't feel right for what I'm trying to accomplish. I will still be keeping all of the original mechanics, player attack radius boxes,spell unlocks,Defense/Attack, and click to attack. It feels great so far, a side-scroller/Rpg mix seems more fitting. I will be spending most of my time tonight tweaking player animations and making a few land sets for the player to explore. Above I have included a couple sprites from the new player running animation and a new screenshot, Enjoy!


Mar 05 2014 03:27 AM

Very interesting character animation. Can't wait to see more!

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