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Yummy Underling Updates

The underlings aaron arcand indie dev
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The Underlings have come a long way in the past few months, thanks to feedback, testing, comments and other support. Everyone has been wonderful!
Some great news, The Underlings has been accepted to be on the YoYo games showcase! All assets are in, I just need to be patient now Posted Image.

Also... An article has been posted about The Underlings on "Game Cola" check it out here: http://gamecola.net/2014/07/scratching-the-itch-io-7/

Below, new underling called the "Lorath" and below that, patch notes.

Posted Image

Patch Notes:

*July 20th*

-When an underling egg is ordered it will now be sent strait to the incubator instead of the roof.
-Seeds and jars will no longer stack when clicked close together, they will now stop/collide accordingly.
-Removed the shears tool.

*July 18th*

-Removed credits/currency from game.Items, underlings and plants still have to be unlocked but will not cost anything after it's unlocked.
-Right clicking dried grass now sends it to the grass bin rather than selling it.
-right clicking underling poop now removes it from the garden and rewards enlightenment.
-Fixed bug where plants would grow in the air.
-Sorry, many big changes, after some feedback I felt the game needed them. Let me know what you think.
-Fixed other minor issues.

*July 11th*
-Added new underling "The Lorath". These wont eat grass/plants, they will only eat captured insects.Make sure you have a steady supply!

*Updates July 5th*
-Fixed crash involving the Tocapa underling.
-Text now appears when an item or underling is sold, letting you know how much it was sold for.

*July 4th*
-Removed rocks
-Removed the "Mogo" underling
-The "Gozar" underlings has been completely re-done, this underling can no longer break open rocks

Jul 22 2014 01:51 AM

Good to hear about of great changes.

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