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Eating, Dressing, Colors and Weapons

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Still coding along; Internet was all wonking, so this ones bigger. Got the basic console with colors. Can easly add multi colored texted per line, but figured it looks alright as is. Got the main code setup for simulating turns and it does simulate hunger. Each turn will be initiated by the players actions then one by one each creature or animated object will take it's turn. If it actually looks bad I'll put more thought into it.

I implemented dropping as a discard effect instead to limit the items more and make inventory management important. There won't people that many items on the ground to begin with. The videos I've posted are tests. I put more items in the world to be able to reach those items faster and more often...so on and so on.

I refactored the item and avatar system. I'll probably rewrite the avatar completely as creature at some point. or typdef somehow. sounds so much better. The avatar was left over from the previous game and was going to represent the player on the world map.

The refactoring I used the factory/flyweight/template whatcha ma call it. Loads a bunch of templates of the given data. And I can then retrieve a copy any time such as when spawning creatures there all ready in one easy spot. I like it this way along with treating Creatures and items as complete data objects. Keep them as simple as possible so they can be tossed around from one container to the next. Other systems control how they react or are acted upon by other systems and objects and so forth.

The turn system is in place too, right now it only has the player to control. One of the things I plan to do next is start implementing the ai creatures. Basic combat and movement along with the player being able to interact with them.

The video shows the console and rearrangement of the side bar and map placement. As it goes on, it shows equipping items. Then discarding and eating items. Enjoy till next time.

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