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Rogue Identify the Unknown

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Rogue Identify the Unknown Got the use command up and running along with the indentifying system. big progress, but alot of speghetti is forming. Going to take the next session to clean up and refactor the mess a little. ran out of time getting things packaged up for download. I'll have to post it next time, or update this entry tomorrow.

The following items are implemented completely and pave the way for alot more of there kind with ease.

Healing potions
Minor Healing potions
poison potions
stat increasing potions
indetify scrolls
weapon and armor upgrade scrolls
mapping scrolls

Along with a little different layout to make things easier to see and cleaner looking. Honestly not sure where I'm going withthe project next. Quickly getting to that point where everything is just minor additions. The main systems are all up and running so far. Hopeing the clean up and refactoring will get the brain juices flowing.

Mar 23 2014 03:38 AM

Have to say that is the point all my games die, when the main functionality is all done and all that is left is content creation and tweaking. Hope you can do better than me and keep up that last push to get something "finshed".


I can count my finished hobby projects on one hand, even if you removed my hand.

Mar 23 2014 12:08 PM
Yeah all my projects tend to end right before the polish stage :( don't want this one to fall the same way. Things are just getting messy right now amd that's the hard part.

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