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C++ porting progress

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C++ porting progress Did some more porting this weekend... C++ version is now able to load & render a character model from my HTML5 Canvas demo (far right screenshot, in Chrome). A few glitches to debug, but it's basically done. Performance is better indeed... 3% CPU with one character, probably 10% during busy gameplay -- versus 60% in HTML5.

Next: animations, keyboard/gamepad controls, and collisions.

Hoping it won't be a total pain to do a Windows build so I can run this on my laptop at a local gamedev get-together on Tuesday.

Mar 11 2014 10:50 AM

Allright, I got a Windows build working, thanks in part to some tips on GDnet... but man, that VS2012 IDE sucks! How can anyone stand it?? o_O


Going forward I'll use commandline MSVC or MSYS or Clang. I just started using CMake on the Linux side and it'll make things a hell of a lot easier on the Windows side.

Oct 19 2014 05:46 PM

I am using visual c++ 2010 express, I somewhat like it.  I got used to code::blocks for my c++.  And eclipse for Android/Java.  It has been interesting actually learning some directx, but I like opengl better still.

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