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First Entry: What I have been up to so far...

4: Adsense

Over the past year or so of starting at my new job I decided to start work on an OpenGL renderer as it would increase my knowledge and put me in a better position to work my way into the 3D side of our CAD Software.

Since then this project has escalated incredibly and is now the Engine Framework for what will hopefully be my first released game. This is still a far way off especially with motivation coming and going at random intervals, which is a massive problem with an Indie project.

Here is a list of some of the current features and libraries used in the JBEngine:

  • Model Importing with Textures and Animation
  • Phong Lighting
  • Shadowmapping
  • Skeletal Animation with Blending
  • Physics ( Very Minimal )
  • Sound/Music
  • Networking( Client/Server )
  • Basic GUI and Bitmap Font Rendering
  • Entity Management
  • Input Management
  • XML based Asset/Entity Importing
  • GLFW
  • Assimp
  • SOIL
  • FMOD Ex
  • nVidia Physx
  • RakNet
  • Expat
This post is mostly just a motivational spur, as seeing what work I have done already will hopefully give me the energy to carry on with my development.

To see some of the progress and the decisions I have been through over the past year or so, you can check out my main blog at:


Upcoming tasks are to develop the Networking further, working out a couple of bugs. I have also just about got Camera Picking working which is a big step toward making a small level editor for my game although the GUI will need Improving considerably before then.

Cheers :)

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