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Apply my learnings to develop a 3D game engine

opengl glsl thunder3d engine
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Apply my learnings to develop a 3D game engine I am not from video game industry, but I am quite interested in it.

Many years development in ERP software consultation narrowed my thoughts on only providing best solutions according to the finished softwares. Although not necessarily as old as a rusty bolt, I think I lost the edge competing with the just graduates. However, I still have some nerve to pick up the math and give it a try to develop my own game engine Posted Image

Big thanks to Mr. Sean Barrett's (http://nothings.org/) for his great public domain libraries.

I use stb_image.c to extract data from jpg or png tocreate the opengl textures.
I use stb_truetype.h to create my texture fonts and substaintially get Unicode support.
I use stb_vorbis.c to create a simple PCM source as the input to OpenAL soft to render the background music.

I developed my engine in pure C. Personally I think C could be more flexible when developing multithread applications.
The other reason of choosing C is that I hope the engine should have smaller memory footprint and could be fit into mobile devices after I adapt the engine with Opengl ES.

My engine "Thunder3D" has the following features:
  • Cross System Support (Linux/Windows)
  • OpenGL GLSL Rendering
  • Task Based Multithread Support
  • Scalable Shadowmapping
  • Normalmaping
  • Heightmap Based Patchmap
  • Unicode Font support
  • Raycast Picking
  • Central Texture Management
  • Central Model Management
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Simple Mesh Decal
  • OpenAL 3D Sound Support
  • Vorbis Format Support
I have created a demo with my engine. Although not perfect, it could show everything I learnt.
I still have a lot to fix in this demo, ex. adding the pathfinding algorithm, tuning to get more efficient multithreading and etc, but for this moment, I hope that somebody could try it and give me some comments.

The demo is a little bit oversize, I cannot upload in here, but you can download the demo from here: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hq7Qijy

Greetings from Shanghai, China.

6th May, 2014

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