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Saint Retro's Journal

4: Adsense

Procrastination & Distraction

Well I thought I'd get a good bit through my book today but no. My mind started to wander as it does but I think this is down to me wanting to know things in more depth which isn't always bad.
I recall when I was trying to learn C++ years ago that I always wanted to go one level lower, so I'd want to know how my compiler knows what an int is and how it w...

Head First books and general reflections

I know it doesn't work for everyone but I find the Head First C# (2nd ed) the best book for me hands down. It is not boring for me to read so I stay focused and actually look forward to reading it. I really wish they did one for C++ as well because that will always hold fond memories as my first attempt at programming as a kid. The last C++ book I trie...

Naming Consistancy

Something that has been bugging me is naming conventions. I see a bit of inconsistency in the book I read. Below is what I feel is right but I am aware that there may not be a global standard as such.int score, playerScore.void DoSomething().class Player, PlayerStats.
Objects is the one I'm on the fence about, it's a variable of sorts so this could be...