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Hello World!

Introduction brazil
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Hello people of earth! My name is Larissa, i'm seventeen years old, brazillian(sorry about my english, feel welcome to point my mistakes) and a game designer wannabe.
I created this journal so i could share my experiences and maybe receive some construtive reviews and help. i'm creating my first game, a side-scroller designed for kids with age around 7-12. i study in 2 differents game dev classes, one is an public techinical school(which i'm almost regreting because all i got is missing teacher, easy and very basic stuff and too many unecessary subjects), the other is on a school wich teaches basically art and modelling, i'm focused in be a game designer, but there is no good course here and only few university but i'm still on the second years of the "high school" here.
this entry is only a short introduction, tomorrow i'll write some stuff about my game and my lazyness, thanks for reading!

Jun 07 2014 07:38 AM
Welcome to GDNet Larissa - your English is very good, at least so far! Hope you find our community helpful, and good luck with your project - be sure to ask in the forums if you need some help or advice! :)
Jun 08 2014 10:33 AM

Always good to see new developers.

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