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Daath Galaxy - New Platforms Announced & Soundtrack Songs To Listen To

Posted by , in Devlog 01 July 2014 · 476 views

rpg open world linux
Daath Galaxy so far has only been confirmed on PC, but after some successful tests, it appears that a Linux native version will eventually reach the light of day.

When I say "eventually" what I mean is that there is no set release date for the Linux version of Daath Galaxy. First, the Windows version needs to be competed and released. Linux support will be after launch. Luckily, a Linux version will mean a Mac OS X version will also surface. At this point, it is likely that those are the only 3 supported platforms, but we'll re-examine that after the game launches.

In other news, you can listen to 4 songs from Daath Galaxy right now (out of the 40+ songs that are in the game.) You can listen to all 4 songs here now:

Finally, here's a new screenshot:

Posted Image

In this screenshot we see the player targeting the enemy’s Life Support systems. Future versions will provide better visual feedback. Auto-fire requires no manual control, which is great for easy enemies. For more difficult enemies, it is wise to target one or more specific systems. Doing so requires some type of (usually) timed button combo or precise aim in order to successful hit the targeted location.

Thanks for reading. We'll continue to keep you updated on our progress here at gamedev.net!

The green ship has a very cool art style. Happy to hear that you have been able to find a way to increase the size of your customer base by including the Linux and Mac OS.

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