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Daath Galaxy - Final Art & Asset Specs Finalized!

Posted by , in Devlog 18 July 2014 · 898 views

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Daath Galaxy - Final Art & Asset Specs Finalized!

Posted Image

To match the anime style of the characters and the in-ship art style, I've gone through and begun the process of implementing the new shaders on the outside view of the ships and space, so that they match the anime style of the rest of the game. This means that most of the screenshots I've previously posted are now completely out of date (for other reasons aside from the art change as well!)

The finalization of the art and assets specs was necessary as I try I complete the first video trailer for Daath Galaxy by August 1st, 2014. Before the video could be complete, the art assets have to represent something closer to the final product than the hodge podge of concept art that was previously in the game. With the specs finalized, the production of the first trailer is continuing to move along nicely.

Thanks for reading about Daath Galaxy here on GameDev.net. Hope you enjoy the new & final production art specs. Let me know either way!

WoW! That is some epic art!

Looks pretty good!

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