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What's the Big Idea? Halloween 2014

4: Adsense

You've got to say it like "Halloween twenty-fourteen" to get the awesome rhyming effect.

Yesterday, 01-July-2014, I started the design work on a free-to-play Web game to be released on 01-October-2014. Here are some specifics:

Title: Hide Your Eyes (working title)
Genre: First-Person Perspective (FPP) Horror/Adventure
Synopsis: Escape from an isolated forest before nightfall with your sanity intact. Use your eyes and ears to find your way through abandoned structures, maze-like woods, and away from the ominous presence that grows stronger with the setting of the sun.
Category: Single-Player
Platform: Web Browser (Windows/Mac/Linux PCs)
Play Mechanic: Use audio cues to find clues, items, and locations. As audio cues are triggered, false/distracting audio cues are instantiated, requiring the player to discern which to avoid and which to pursue. Proximity to multiple negative audio effects will impact the characters sanity, visualized through rendering and camera effects, and can only be counteracted by "hiding your eyes" -- closing your eyes to reset all of the audio and which also changes the environment (locations, time-of-day, inventory) when you open them again.
Tools: Unity3D Pro, Visual Studio Pro 2012 and C# scripting, Cubase (5.1 surround audio production), L3DT Pro, Blender, GimpShop, Articy Draft 2, MuseScore (music notation)
Key Features: Relience on audio and color pallete to create mood and atmosphere.

My hope is to post to this thread as I work through the project. Three months is incredibly short, so I will be utilizing many third-party assets to create the basic game:This week I'm jotting down design ideas, collecting inspiration from photos and movies, and sketching out what I can before I start integrating the above tools. I'll be needing more assets as the design develops and I will list them all as I evaluate and incorporate them. I've also started sorting through my sound effects library and jotted down some melodic ideas for music.

Input, feedback, support, questions, criticisms, devil's advocates, and playtesters are all welcome! I'll have a private alpha Web build available in August for those interested.

Prototype Environment Screenshot:
Posted Image

Oct 07 2014 10:28 PM

Hey, I had a look through your dev blog posts, looks interesting! Wouldn't mind getting my hands on it any time you have a build available. Reminds me of a concept I had re the danger of looking - creative ways of crippling the player in horror games are fun.

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