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Creating A Halloween Environment

Posted by , 03 July 2014 · 1,330 views

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So I've managed to rough out a very small (1/2 acre) chunk of my environment. I feel like I'm about 50% there in capturing that late-Autumn feeling. The lighting is a bit off still, but it's feeling good.

Attached Image

Other problems in Unity are NOT feeling good, so I'm already behind in Week One!

Wow! An amazing art style. Is there a game that goes with this screen shot?

Thank you for the encouraging words.  Yes, I'm creating a short (15-20 minute) first-person horror/adventure game for free release in early October.  There are some details about its inception in an earlier dev journal:




The basics are that I'm trying to use audio to create a "maze" of sorts to navigate.  Creepy sounds, fall colors, camera effects.  All good fun!

Very nice art style, looking forward to to seeing what you come up with!

Thanks very much, jbadams.  I'm currently working on the decidedly un-sexy triggers for audio clips and making the grass and foliage shake like something is running toward the player!

Looks great!!! Keep at it man, hope it turns out well!

Thanks!  I got super-sidetracked playing with these Painterly post-process effects and still haven't made much more progress. 

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