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Posted by , 21 August 2014 · 615 views

This time I going to talk a little about my early plans on incorporating languages into the game.

I want all the text you encounter in the game to mean something, even if it is in a made up alien language. To do this I'm going to generate (somewhat) meaningful sentences that are converted to the alien language. I'm thinking that simply using a generated font may be enough and it allows the player the chance to 'learn' an alien language by recognising which symbols mean which letters. I could take this further though. But having it all make sense underneath allows me to have universal translators or even subtitles on what you're trying to read :) Though I don't think subtitles work well on HMD. Perhaps something more like Word Lens would be cool.

With generating English I think I can pull this off to a hopefully acceptable level but I doubt I'll be able to do the same for other languageslanguages as I just don't know others well enough and the rules for building sentences can be quite involved. My best hope would be to generate in English and then run the result through a translation Api like Google translate.. and keep my fingers crossed! No doubt the results will be hilarious... :P

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