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GiTS' Journal

4: Adsense

That slight bump in the road

Even now as I sit here typing, I am contemplating the future of my life, the weather outside, what that noise down the hallway was and what I have just taken a sip out of my cup (it was awful). But one thing I'm not currently contemplating is the direction of my game. That was an affair I had several weeks ago. My game took a slight shift not so long ago...

First attempt at pathfinding

So really it's about time I started working on some core mechanics and being able to play test things to see if they're actually fun, and AI is quite a big part of that. I understand some principals of pathfinding but never actually attempted it so this was a pretty interesting (and enjoyable) exercise for me. For this I needed a new playground to be able...

It's been a while

I did start off saying that I'd try and post once a week but various things in life got in the way and I just unfortunately had no time to do so let alone have much time to work. But most of the problems are now over and I have lots of time again, it's also been way over a month now and there's one or two things that have changed.

Going to new heights...

What I am working on

A bit later than I planned but I was still unsure of things, but ah well. Plus gamescom stuff got in the way! (Also everything shown is very very early, as in a week or two of prototyping etc!)

So I said last week that I was working on a "top down shooter with rpg elements set in a sci-fi like city influenced by various media", the influences being GTA 1...

It's a start

So everything in theory has a beginning, so this is mine. Or at least the journals...

As for some background about myself, I graduated from University ~2 years ago and worked for an indie studio for about 1 and half years, which I have recently left to pursue other interests and things to do. Myself and a few friends have basically got together to make a...