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It's a start

Posted by , 05 August 2014 · 580 views

So everything in theory has a beginning, so this is mine. Or at least the journals...

As for some background about myself, I graduated from University ~2 years ago and worked for an indie studio for about 1 and half years, which I have recently left to pursue other interests and things to do. Myself and a few friends have basically got together to make a few games, if they succeed then great, if not, then oh well, learn from it and move on. But at least we did what we wanted Posted Image

So the idea is to just write about my experiences about the project I am working on, design choices, rant, ramble etc at least once a week hopefully (I promise nothing though), but maybe more. Unfortunately I won't be showing off the project just yet, but hopefully within a week as there are a few things left that I want to get sorted out first. But all I will say is that it's a top down shooter with rpg elements set in a sci-fi like city influenced by various media. Admittedly it doesn't sound too special when briefly put on paper, but I want to play it and will have more info soon.

So more than anything this is just a standard welcome blog, hello world!


You couldn't have chosen a better place to come to. Friendly and knowledge people here happy to help. smile.png


I'll add my Hello! to the mix, too. It always helps to reach out and say that; which is what I have to remind myself to do, some times...

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